Baptism Program

The journey of the Sacraments of Initiation begins for all of us when we are welcomed into the Church community through the Sacrament of Baptism.

By being baptised, born again of water and the Spirit, a person becomes a Christian and a child of God.

Baptism is about Belonging. We belong to Jesus Christ who shows us the way to God. We belong to a great family of faith, the Church.

Through Baptism we become members of a great spiritual family which includes God the Father, Jesus (who is God’s Son and a brother to all) and Mary (who is the Mother of Jesus and a mother to all). As well, everyone who was, is or ever will be baptised is also a member of our extended spiritual family.

Through Baptism we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

Baptism usually takes place when we are babies or when we are quite young, this is known as Infant/child baptism.

For those over the age of 10 years who are unbaptised, there is a separate process. 

Please contact Fran van Schie, our Pastoral Coordinator, to discuss this if your child is over the age of 10 years.

Regular Infant Baptisms are celebrated outside of the Mass in French's Forest Catholic Parish. 

These Baptisms are held as follows:

  •  at 11.30am, on the first Sunday of each month, at Our Lady of Good Counsel, Forestville;
  •  at 11.30am on the third Sunday of each month, at St. Martin de Porres, Davidson; and
  • ·at 12.00 midday on the fourth Sunday of each month, at St Anthony in the Fields, Terrey Hills.
To book or register your child’s Baptism you will need to contact the Parish Office on 9451 5097.

When you contact the Parish Office you will be asked to collect a Baptismal Pack. 

This pack is very informative and includes an enrolment form which needs to be completed. Only when this form is completed and returned to the Parish Office can we finalise the booking of your child’s baptism.

Parents are required to attend Baptism Preparation Class
, these are held on the 2nd Saturday of every month in the Parish Center at OLGC at 4pm.  The Parish Center is located behind the church at Our Lady of Good Counsel, 9 Currie Road, Forestville.
Parents are asked to bring their child/ren to a weekend Parish Mass before the Baptism to present their child/ren.  This is a short, meaningful ritual where the child is welcomed into the Parish community and anointed with the oil of Catechumens to pray for strength for their life and Sacramental journey.

To make the experience a meaningful one, we only have up to 4 children baptised in one ceremony. The ceremony usually takes about takes about 40 – 45 minutes.

French's Forest Parish has a set fee of $60 for each Baptism. This payment covers the cost of the booklet and other resources used, and goes towards parish funds. 

There will be an envelope in your pack in which you can place your payment. There will also be an envelope in which you can give an offering which can be handed to the priest/deacon after the Baptism ceremony.