Sacramental Program 2021/2022

The Sacrament of Confirmation - 2021/2022

Confirmation will be held on 10/11 September 2021.

Children in Year 3 are invited to prepare for this Sacrament.

We will have more information on the website regarding the Parent Information Night.

Please subscribe to this Sacrament if you wish to be reminded to attend the information night.

How to subscribe:

  • If you already receive the weekly parish newsletter then go to your existing subscription and tick the Sacramental Program 2021/2022

  • If you do not receive the [parish newsletter then go to our subscription page and subscribe remember to tick the box Sacramental Program 2021/2022

We use Mailchimp subscription to be able to keep Intouch with parishioners, if you are not on the list we will not be able to send you reminders.