Info Required for Confirmation

The following information is required for enrollment in the confirmation program.

  1. Child's full name.
  2. Child's date of birth.
  3. Child's date of baptism.
  4. If Child was baptised outside of French's Forest Catholic Parish, you will need to provide details of church of baptism and later the Baptism Certificate as proof of baptism.
  5. If your child was baptised at FFCP please provide name of the church.
  6. The name of school the child attends and the class year they are in.
  7. Parent's full names.
  8. Mothers Maiden name

Other information that will be required as part of the program and before your child can be confirmed.

  1. Name of Sponsor (refer to 5 ways to be a good sponsor)
  2. Saints Name
  3. Three photos of child, passport size only.